RegTech Forum- European Hub


RegTech Forum- European Hub

The RegTech Forum was founded by RegTech and FinTech experts with the goal to create an European ecosystem of regulated entities (e.g. Financial Services, Life Sciences, Utilities and O&G,…), RegTech solution and service provider, compliance and regulatory advisers, auditors and regulators.

The founding members are…

The purpose of RegTech Forum is to connect people and companies alike who share an interest in RegTech. It aspires to be the leading industry association primarily for the regulatory technology industry in Europe.

The hub seeks to offer a non-profit and cross-disciplinary platform for different RegTech stakeholders for the exchange of ideas and common interests and to speak for the RegTech industry in a single voice.

In general, membership is open to anyone with an interest in financial and regulatory technology topics and developments. The members of the RegTech Hub are composed of the following groups:

  • Professionals in Legal, Risk, Regulatory & Compliance, Security, IT and with interest in RegTech
  • Private persons active in the GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) and IT (information Technology) profession
  • RegTech & FinTech solution and service providers
  • Regulated organizations (e.g. Financial Services,…)
  • Universities and Students
  • Other FinTech and Compliance associations

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