Weekly Letter from the Chair of the IRTA


Weekly Letter from the Chair of the IRTA

Welcome to the weekly letter from the Chair of the IRTA. Our new publication where the Chair will be getting in touch with you with the news and information about the IRTA, and any action that he might request from us. This is also a chance to ask questions and interact across the IRTA community, globally.


Hi  all – It takes me a great pleasure writing this to you! And I hope you are all well too.


1. Strategy – Incorporation and Progress

We are now in the 4th week since our incorporation in Switzerland on 16th May 2017 and I’m happy to report that as of yesterday, three new countries/regions, including Japan, Indonesia and Middle-East has been in touch with us with a request to open IRTA chapters. This is in addition to the nine countries i.e. the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia where we already have our members. In the months to come we plan to expand further and formalise our chapters.

I have personally been interviewed by a number of public media agencies, and if you are too, it is the time to let others know about it! Drop an email to info@regtechassociation.org and don’t forget to include a link or a picture! Moreso, if you want to participate in an interview or public campaign, please also use the same email to register your interest.


2. Vision and Mission – Each one of us are the leaders and ambassadors of the IRTA

As we grow through this initial phase of the association, it is going to be integral that we all act as the ambassador of the IRTA, act as its voice and communicate our vision, mission and purpose clearly so that the message goes as far as it can, “globally”. This is going to set us apart from most of the other initiatives, and also help us to consolidate them into the ethos of the IRTA. To work alongside, to create the RegTech profession and to cherish the benefits of collaboration for the years to come! To that note, can I request you to take a look at the attached “Introduction” document which describes some key messages? This will help us all to uniformly communicate with others about the Association.


3. Expansion, Thought Leadership – getting the IRTA flag out in the Market, globally!

It is also equally important that we, publish regularly (weekly at least) about what is happening in the world of RegTech using our website, Twitter, LinkedIn groups of the IRTA and other mediums e.g. from your own companies that you own, and run. This will clearly indicate the ‘power’ in our consolidated voice.

I also wanted to tell you that Diana Paredes, our Vice-Chair for Innovation and John Byrne, our Executive Board member are going to pull together a plan for the international open RegTech Standards. As you know, the standards have been a hot topic for a while and it is fascinating to see that we have great authority and leadership to provide the justice that this area will require going forward. Stay tuned for more updates on this one!


4. Membership and Marketing – press release, IRTA webinars and events

I’m happy to inform you that Nicola Cowburn, our Chief Membership and Marketing Officer is working through the plans for press release and marketing plans. Please help her with any thoughts or ideas that you might have and you know that it will work well from experience.

In addition, our Board members Matt Elton (Vice-Chair, Americas), Mona Zoet (Vice-Chair, Singapore) and Julian Fenwick (Vice-Chair Australia and Head of Growth Strategy) is also working on to pull together the outline of the flagship IRTA strategic events, which we can then plan, deliver and replicate in different parts of the world. I think they have some plans for an event in Singapore in August or so (or that’s what I have heard!) covering AsiaPac but I will let them tell you all about it! Sorry guys if I am taking away your thunders 🙂

And as always, please ask your colleagues, contacts to get enrolled into IRTA as a Founding Member. Applications for Founding Membership is open until 31st August 2017 and its going to cost them only $100 dollars! Register at https://regtechassociation.org/membership/


5. Commercials, Financing – stay connected, stay focussed

Personally, I’m a firm believer of collaboration and internal eco-system and I’m glad to work with all of you on the same ethos. I’m also thankful to each one of you for your contributions and midnight oil that you continue to burn to help IRTA’s cause, even though until now we have not been able to provide a honorarium structure. I would like, once we start through the membership and events process, to establish a minimum honorarium recognition for our Board members and executives for their efforts and contributions. The fact that, we are all together into this irrespective of our day jobs demonstrate the power of our messages, and we need to keep doing this, keep communicating!


6. New Board members – welcome!

Last week, we saw Michael Meyer, Mona Zoet, Diana Paredes and John Byrne joining us at the Executive Board. I’m delighted to have such esteemed, senior and international RegTech leaders on the Board and look forward to working with them.

Michael as the Vice-Chair of Regulatory Relationship has great experience in leading us to establish strategic relationships with the financial regulators.

Diana is an experienced RegTech CEO who as I have indicated is our Vice-Chair for Innovation and we all look forward to her vision and leadership on setting up our Innovation agenda, partnerships with academics and professionals, internationally.

Mona has been an industry leader, an ex-regulator and CEO of Singapore RegTech. She is joining us the Vice-Chair Singapore and will be instrumental in setting up the pillars of the IRTA in Singapore, the gateway to rest of the AsiaPac for RegTech.

John has over 30 years of industry experience on RegTech and related areas and also the CEO of a very reputed RegTech firm. He is going to focus on strengthening the presence of IRTA across Europe and Ireland, and help us strategise and execute the RegTech innovation standards working with Diana.


I’m proud for each one of you and feel glad to be working with you for this esteemed cause.


Happy RegTech’ing!       Think RegTech. Think IRTA!


If you have any question please write to chair@regtechassociation.org


All the very best,


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